Author: Iñigo Serna, inigoserna AT gmail DOT com
Version: 1.0, September 21st. 2009
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(C) 2008-9, Iñigo Serna

This software has been realised under the GPL License version 3 or later, read the COPYING file that comes with this package for more information.


Last update:Fri Sep 25 13:57:13 2009

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This program generates a book agenda file in PDF format, ready to be printed or loaded on a ebook reader.

You can choose among different sections. Each section have pdf links to other parts of the agenda.

I've created it for using with my iLiad eBook reader. Btw, I recommend using with ipdf gmt's for editing version.

Two screenshots of sample pages:

Released under GNU Public License, read COPYING for more details.


Usage: python <options>

-h, --help Show this text
-v, --version Show version and exit
-y, --year Year. If not specified current year is used
-w, --first-week-day
 First day of week: 0 = monday, 6 = sunday (default: 0, monday)
-f, --format Sections to build. Consult documentation for the definition of each type (default: ciypmwPb)
-o, --output PDF Output file (default: "agenda-yyyy.pdf")
-s, --page-size
 Specify page size. Valid options: A4, A5, A6, LEGAL, LETTER, ILIAD, ILIAD_FULLSCREEN, ORGANIZER (default: A4)
-c, --no-compression
 Disable PDF file compression (default: enabled)
-q, --quiet Don't output messages on screen


Besides the year, you also can specify which sections will be into the final agenda file.

Here there are the description for each section type and the links to other parts of the file:

You can use a combination of any of these sections using -f or --format argument. The default format used is equivalent to -f ciypmwPb.

If you don't specify a year, current year is used.



Get agenda2pdf-1.0.tar.gz.

You can download some generated agenda files for year 2009: