MyNewspaper v4.0 released


I’m really pleased to announce a new release of MyNewspaper, a web-based personal ATOM/RSS aggregator and feeds reader.

This new version has been completely rewritten from scratch.

It’s under GNU Affero GPL License version 3 or later.

Some technical points of interest:

  • written in Python 3.2+
  • backend based on BottlePy web micro framework, FeedParser, SQLite, DateUtil
  • frontend with javascript (jQuery, jQueryUI)

More information, and download link at:



MyNewspaper can be considered an old project, as first version dates from 2005, and since then it has adopted and adapted different web paradigms: CGI running on a web server in v1.0, pure web app in v2.0, javascript and AJAX for v3.0.


A couple of years after v3.0 release I abandoned it to join Google Reader wave, but since the announce of its shutdown I turned to MyNewspaper as I didn’t like any of the alternatives. Thus I rewrote from scratch all the code. It was fast, I had a working version in a month, many weeks before Google Reader closed, but then it took about 10 months more to write the documentation…

Anyway, this is now version 4.0, a very fast and nice web-based feeds reader for personal use.

Of course, all comments, suggestions etc. are welcome.