lfm v3.1 released

Just released a maintenance new version of lfm, with some bugs fixes from last times.

More information

Of course, all comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

Changes since last version

Version 3.1 ("Recovering inertia") - 2017/06/25:

+ New features
  - support for new compression programs: lzip, lz4

+ Changes & improvements:
  - Improved resources files (docs, default keys and theme) installation
    and loading at runtime

+ Fixes:
  - when installing data files with pip >7.0 & wheel.
    Thanks to Jean-François Bercher
  - PowerCLI: error message is always shown when command finishes.
    Thanks to Jean Terrier for the report
  - filters: glob when parent dir contains special chars (BB issue #5).
    Thanks to Viktor Vad for the report
  - lfm crashes when terminal is too narrow (BB issue #4).
    Thanks to Wayne Tan for the report