Alive and new programs announced

Much time since I last blogged…

Anyway, today I released Pynahotheka, a python script which generates nice static HTML photo albums in which I’ve been working last 2 months. It’s written with Python, PIL and CheetahTemplate.

I’ve created my friends and my own photo galleries with this tool. Also I’m really proud that some friends uses it to build their own galleries.

I haven’t mention MyNewspaper either, a personal RSS aggregator and reader with a Web UI. This is a project I started this summer, but was halted due to pynakotheka development. I use it every day and it’s quite good!!! It’s written in Python and uses CheetahTemplate and Sqlite/SQLObject.

I’m very happy with both programs’ code… don’t know, maybe I’m learning to program ;-)

From now on, I’m considering different projects:

  • a total rewrite of Katxijasotzaileak web , changing Zope2 with CherryPy and MySql with Sqlite and SQLObject and designing a new more modern look
  • rewrite tintytw, a tripwire-like file system integrity monitor I wrote some years ago
  • and contine improving MyNewspaper, of course