New Katxi web site oficially released

As I mentioned in last entry, during December I rewrote Katxijasotzaileak web page . This week I did last tests and changed the redirections, so the new web is officially released to the public now.

Old one was written using Zope application server v2.6.2 and used MySQL for permanent storage. Not bad, it has served for 2 or 3 years; but times are changing, you know, and web applications development uses other technologies nowdays… I’ve used CherryPy, SQLObject, SQLite and Cheetah templating system (see here for complete description of all tools involved). CherryPy app is served with a wsgi launcher run by lighttpd mod_scgi module.

It has been a great pleasure to use the combination of these powerful but simple tools, it has done the development easy and really fast. As a plus, and as this web site has just a few hits per day, I don’t need to have running some weighted processes like a big db or a complex application server (zope used ~90 MB and MySQL ~110 MB of virtual memory, now the wsgi app no more than 35 MB. You note the difference).

And btw, for nostalgic people, there is a place where you can find some presents…